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Jennifer Batten Interview July ’06 1. Tell us a little about your early musical roots and what influenced you most in choosing to pursue a career in music.   My early roots involved hearing my fathers jazz records every night when he’d return from work until he went to bed. A combination of his influence […]


Session, touring and solo guitarist.   Jennifer speaks with us about recording, touring, new projects and more. Jennifer Batten Interview  October 23, 2005 Guitarhoo!:   Hello Jennifer welcome to Guitarhoo!   Thanks for joining us.   Which part of the world are you from originally? Jennifer Batten:   I was born in upstate New York and […]

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July 2005 GES: Hello Jennifer, I hope everything’ s going well for you ! Jennifer: Yeah –lots of work this year. I will have gtimes as well GES: I know that you have composed and recorded a new solo Album, can you tell us more on it ?  Is there already a title, a cover art […]

6 String Heaven

 “Hi JB, welcome to 6 stringheaven.com” Describe a typical Jennifer Batten day? There’s nothing typical about my days. I wake up to chaos, but postpone it with a cup of coffee while staring out the window. And although coffee gets slowly into my brain, it takes going to the gym to get blood into it. […]

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The ‘guitar shredder’ genre of the late ’80s was comprised almost entirely of males, but one exception was the fleet-fingered Jennifer Batten. Born in Upstate New York, Batten got her first electric guitar at the age of eight (inspired by her older sister who already owned an instrument, as well as the Beatles and the […]

Metal Sickness

17/02/2007 First of all, thanks to give us a part of your time. Can you please tell for Metal Sickness readers what you have done since”Above, below and Beyond” I went on Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour right after that record wasreleased. After the tour I recorded My Tribal Rage record with Glen Sobeland Ricky Wolking […]