Scherer Batten CD BattleZone

Jennifer Batten “Whatever” CD/DVD

Jennifer Batten’s Tribal Rage – “Momentum”

Jennifer Batten – “Above, Below & Beyond” CD

Jeff Beck “Who Else!”

available on iTunes and Amazon

Jeff Beck “You Had It Coming”

available on iTunes and Amazon

Tribute to Frank Marino
“Second Hand Smoke”

JB does all playing/programming on the track “He’s Calling”.
Other players include George Lynch, Randy Hansen

Available on iTunes

La Guitara

JB’s track “Whammy Damage” is included in this CD of 14 baddass female guitarists

Available on iTunes

Carina Alfie “Transmission”

Amazing shred guitarist on one of Vai’s labels

JB’s track: “Awake”

Michael Sembello “The Lost Years”

JB plays on 2 tracks

Available on iTunes

Funkiphino JB’s track “I’ll be Waiting”

Phunky Denver based horn band

Shuichi Hidano “Taiko Drumming”

Japanese master taiko drummer

JB’s track “Home Sweet Home”

Carmine Appice’s “Guitar Zeus”

JB’s track: “Guitar Zeus”

Other players include Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie

Carl Anderson “Heavy Weather Sunlight Again”

JB’s track “Black Rain”

Available on iTunes

Sarah Hickman “Shortstop”

JB plays on a track called “Take it Like a Man” See a live clip of the recording

JB’s guest spots on the following techno recordings are available only in Japan:

  • Dave Rogers (Sun City /single)
  • V6 (Made in Japan, Music For the People/singles)
  • Live at the Tokyo Dome (’96 Avex dbl CD + Video) with Dave Rogers + Queen of Hearts