This special event will take you through a whirlwind life-changing 3 1/2 hour creative re-boot, and is for musicians of all levels. Jennifer will cover a multitude of critical subjects empowering attendees by sharing her research of cutting edge information and techniques to help skyrocket all aspects of your music, career, and creative lives, to the next level.

Learn from Jennifer’s insights and experience from her 30 years on the world stage, and absorb practical information for navigating do’s and don’ts for making an optimal living in music.  Take steps to become the one people always want to hire!

 Gain new skills     

  •  Learn how your brain works and ways to optimally energize your mind and body
  •  Discover new tools to help unlock your creativity
  •  Enhance your ability to focus and learn time management skills with proven techniques.
  •  Learn supportive techniques in building self confidence and creating unstoppable motivation
  • Dig into the newest models of building your personal brand
  •  Conquer powerful intuitive life enhancing free or cheap software